Custom metal parts solutions are our speciality at DO Machining. Through the use of the most available technology and personalized service,  DO Machining is an industry leader in CNC machining, Metal Stamping and Metal fabrication.

We extend our capabilities to accommodate any orders from large production to small business orders ranging from a span of 5 pieces expanding to industrial size orders as large as 10 million pieces.


Our excellent quality control team adheres to the strictest measures to assure that we continue to provide the best products with the fastest turnaround. DO Machining is deadline driven and expedites each individual order with commitment.

We are here to serve you and strive daily to build upon our reputation. DO Machining considers every order a personal obligation. We perform all of our own machine maintenance and repair on site, ruling out unnecessary delays in production.

We offer CNC Machining, Metal Stamping, Metal fabrication services, if you have project need support, contact us today.