How To Solve Burrs And Shock Marks Caused By Aluminum Extrusion Die ?

Both burrs and shock marks are common defects in the extrusion of aluminum profiles. Burr is the residual particles and very fine metal particles appear on the surface of metal parts, and shock mark is the relatively concentrated particles on the surface of the profile. The causes of burrs and shocks are multifaceted, and [...]

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Can High-speed Milling Replace EDM?

Since the widespread use of high-speed milling technology, there has been a point that high-speed milling can completely replace EDM. Is this really true? the answer is negative! High-speed milling and EDM technologies have their own characteristics, and the two cannot completely replace each other. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the [...]

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How To Do Machining And Surface Treatment For Carburizing Metal ?

Carburizing is a common process for heat treatment of metal surfaces. It is mostly used for low carbon steel or low alloy steel. The steel is placed in an active carburizing medium and heated to a high temperature of 900 to 950 degrees Celsius. After sufficient time, the activated carbon atoms in the carburizing [...]

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What Are The Usual Measuring Tools For Machining?

A measuring tool is a tool that measures the size, angle, and curvature of a workpiece during machining or after inspection. There are many types of measuring tools, such as vernier calipers, spiral micrometers, universal angle rulers, needle gauges, lever dial indicator, gauges, feeler gauges and coordinate measuring instruments. Vernier caliper [...]

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What Are The Precautions For CNC Machining Start-up Process?

CNC machining is the most widely used machining method at present, and it is also the basic skill that every machining worker must master. After the start-up, workpiece clamping, workpiece hit count, preparation tool and processing parameters are set, it enters the start-up process. In this process, what precautions need to be noticed by the operator, [...]

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7 Wastes Common In CNC Machine Shops

For CNC machine shops, many managers say the costs are too high. These excessive costs include not only labor costs and material costs that change with market changes, but also waste of resources caused by improper management of business managers. Therefore, machine shop managers can achieve cost reduction by avoiding unnecessary waste. As an excellent [...]

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What Factors Will Restrict The Development Of Machinery Processing Enterprises?

Regardless of the industry in which it is engaged, management is one of the indispensable elements of an organization. This is especially true for mechanical processing plants. Since the field of machining is a labor-intensive industry, it is especially important for human management. This article will introduce some of the factors that are related [...]

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4 Types Of Tungsten Steel Milling Cutters Used In Machining

When the tungsten steel milling cutter is milling, the cutting edge that participates in the cutting is long and has no free travel, so the productivity is high. There are many types of milling cutters, and their structures are different. The application range is wide. According to their applications, they can be divided into [...]

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What’s The Problems In Mechanical Design And Processing?

1. Surface quality problems of mechanicalproducts The quality of mechanical products is not only directly related to its performance, but also affects its service life. Generally speaking, the quality of mechanical products depends on two parts. The first is the quality of the processed parts. Some materials have their own flaw, such as easy [...]

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How Many Failure Forms Does Excessive Deformation Of Part Has?

There are many failure modes of parts, which can be classified into three types, excessive deformation, fracture and surface damage failure. Each type can be divided into several different situations. Here is mainly to share with you the form of excessive deformation failure. The so-called excessive deformation, that is, to [...]

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Processing Characteristics And Material Selection Method Of Cold Deformed Die Steel

With the development of the machining industry, more and more parts are produced by cold-moulding in production, and more and more types of cold-deformed molds are used. Cold volume die forging (cold enthalpy, cold extrusion, embossing, etc.); sheet metal stamping (such as drawing, blanking, trimming, punching, etc.); material rolling (cold rolling, rolling forming, etc.). [...]

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How To Design Parts That Require Heat Treatment

As a mechanical design engineer, when the designed parts need to be heat treated, it is necessary to eliminate the casting stress of the material and improve the cutting performance, rigidity and wear resistance of the parts. Below we will introduce the method of heat treatment of the parts. 1. [...]

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5 Major Machining Errors In Porcessing

The machining error reflects the level of machining accuracy. For mechanical processing plants, to ensure the quality of the product, the first thing to do is to control the error in the processing. So, what are the common machining errors in actual production? Let's take a look at it in detail. 1. Manufacturing [...]

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What Are The Reasons That Affect The Quality Of The Mold?

The mold manufacturing process is a complex process. From design, processing, assembly, commissioning to final real use, there are many factors affecting the quality of the mold throughout the life cycle, which requires the attention of the operator during the processing. What are the reasons that affect the quality of the mold? [...]

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How To Improve Reverse Side In CNC Machining?

In the single-piece CNC machining, the blank is generally processed. Therefore, there will be interference of excess blank amount when the reverse machining is performed, and other tools are needed to meet the requirements. In the actual processing, although the ordinary reverse-side method can meet the requirements, there are problems such as cumbersome operation [...]

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What Safety Issues Need To Be Addressed In Turning Operations?

Turning is one of the most widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. The number of lathes and worker are large, the processing range is wide, and the tools and fixtures used are numerous. Therefore, the safety technical problems of turning processing are particularly important. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the safety [...]

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How To Prevent Machined Parts From Wear?

The occurrence of wear during machining is a common phenomenon in production. The reason may be due to various factors such as the material of the workpiece, the environment, and the processing method. Mechanical wear can adversely affect the processing quality, processing accuracy and processing efficiency of the product. Therefore, it is very important [...]

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5 Methods Can Effectively Control The Formation Of Milling Burrs

In machining, burrs are often generated during the process of cutting metal. The burrs not only have a serious impact on the accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece, but also affect its practical performance. In end milling, the formation of burrs is affected by many factors, which not only has a great relationship [...]

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How To Cut Stainless Steel In Production ?

In the process of mechanical production, stainless steel is often used in processing due to its corrosion resistance in the atmosphere or corrosive media. Stainless steel can be classified into chrome stainless steel and chrome nickel stainless steel according to chemical composition. According to its metallographic structure, it can be divided into martensitic stainless [...]

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How Manufacturing Companies Respond To Falling Industry Profits ?

For manufacturing companies, rising raw materials, logistics, manpower and land and other related costs have made the company's survival and development difficult, and the profits that were previously proud are also declining now, which makes it survive in the cracks. Manufacturing companies have become more difficult. So, in the turning point of this industry [...]

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4 Preventive Measures For Safety Accidents In Machining Production

It is easy to have safety accident in the process of machining due to some improper operation or equipment failure. Therefore, safety is very important in the production process. Most small and medium-sized mechanical processing plants often have some safety accidents and mechanical injuries due to non-standard safety management systems, inadequate safety operation procedures, incomplete [...]

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4 Stages To Help You Reduce Material Costs

In today's manufacturing companies, most of the production costs are spent on material procurement. In general, material costs account for more than 60% of the total cost. In the machinery, hardware manufacturing and other industries, material costs account for a large part, which resulting in lower corporate profits. Therefore, reducing material costs has become [...]

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3 Common Problems In The Management Of Mechanical Processing Plants

Nowadays, the mechanical processing market is facing increasingly fierce market competition. For some small and medium-sized mechanical processing plants, extensive factory management is no longer suitable for the development of the company. The quality of mechanical processing factory management directly affects the competitiveness and vitality of the company in the market. Therefore, for the [...]

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How Cutter tremor Occurs in CNC Machining ?

With the development of science and technology, the machine tool has always been pursuing better quality and greater productivity, and will have certain improvements in terms of cutting power, structural static stiffness, processing accuracy, and production line automation. However, there are also many problems, such as the tremor of cutter that often plague CNC machining. [...]

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6 Precautions During The Use Of Metal Cleaner

In the process of metal processing, in order to achieve the purpose of rust removal and degreasing, the metal cleaner needs to be used to clean the metal. The metal cleaner is mainly composed of a surfactant added cleaning aid, a rust inhibitor, and a defoamer. It has strong cleaning and decontamination ability. This [...]

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How can machining companies increase profits?

For a company, profits are always the most important. However, there are many items related to profits, and machine-processing companies often gain some by focusing on one of the item. However, in many cases, the focus of the company leaders seizing does not have any effect on company profits. Then, for the machining company, how can they maximize the [...]

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What are the factors affecting the surface accuracy of CNC machining?

The role of CNC machine in the field of mechanical processing is increasing. Because of the stable quality of this processing technology, it has good performance for small batches, many varieties, and high-precision parts, and meanwhile it is very reliable in ensuring the qualified rate of products. Therefore, it has been widely used in the [...]

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How To Improve CNC Machining Surface Finish Quality ?

For most mechanical processing plants, the use of the correct machining process has a great help in improving the surface quality of CNC machining. The correct processing methods are mainly including: 1. Rational design cut-in and out route When processing parts with CNC machine, the cut-in and out route should be designed to optimize [...]

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How To Select Processing Equipment ?

In the field of machining, the choice of equipment has always been a very important thing. Equipment selection and usage will directly affect the quality of the production. For CNC machining, numerical control equipment selection is more important. This article will specifically introduce the CNC machining equipment selection methods. 1. the choice of machine [...]

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How To Select Outsourced Processing Plant

Past mechanical processing industry is relatively closed and backward, many traditional enterprises are concerned about the leakage of products and technologies, so many enterprises reject outsourced production. With the development of modern production and the increase of the degree of complication, outsourced production management with technical content has become a trend of development. Therefore, [...]

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Common Machining Steel Material And Characteristics

During processing the workpiece, the choice of metal materials often has a direct impact on the results of processed products. Therefore, it is necessary to understand common metal materials and characteristics. Here we introduce the specific processing of steel materials commonly used in production. Processing steel materials commonly used are the following: #45 steel [...]

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Why is the workpiece deformed during machining?

In the cutting process, the workpiece will has the direction of the elastic deformation because of cutting force, which is often appear in the cutter relieving phenomenon. For this tool deformation phenomenon, when finishing, it needs to keep the tool sharp, this can reduce friction between the tool and the workpiece to form a resistance, and improve the cutting tool [...]

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How Many Common Errors In CNC Machining Process ?

The appearance of errors in machining is common, usually it is the deviation between the actual geometrical parameters and the ideal geometric parameters. The smaller the machining error, the higher the degree of conformity. The smaller the deviation, the higher the machining accuracy. Therefore, the error size of processing reflects the level of precision. Let's [...]

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What’re The Advantages Of Laser Cutting ?

Laser cutting is widely used in the processing of metal materials, which can greatly reduce the processing time and cost. The working principle of this process is that the laser beam is focused on the material which makes the material surface melted and then use the laser beam coaxial compressed gas blow away the melted [...]

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8 Tips Helps You Select CNC Machining Cutting Tools

Select the cutting tool and determine the amount of cutting is very important in CNC machining process, it is not only related to the machining efficiency, but also directly affect the quality of the workpiece processing. Here I’d like to introduce how to choose CNC machining cutting tools, hope it is useful for you. [...]

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What are the role of metal cutting fluid in the cutting process ?

During metal cutting process, the correct choice of cutting fluid can reduce cutting force, friction, and timely take away heat to reduce cutting temperature, reduce tool wear and tear, improve tool durability, improve workpiece surface roughness and ensure workpiece accuracy, to achieve the most Good economic results. This article will specifically introduce the role of [...]

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How To Handle Size Deviation ?

The main reasons of processing size deviation When the workpiece is machined, the control signal is sent to the servo drive device through the digital operation of the CNC system. The servo motor is driven and rotated by the mechanical feed device, and produce relative motion between the workpiece and the cutter, meanwhile the actual [...]

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What Are Stamping Process Characteristics ?

The stamping process is a process in which the sheet is separated or shaped to obtain a part. Stamping is a metal processing method, which is based on the metal plastic deformation on the basis of the use of mold and stamping equipment to apply pressure on the sheet, the sheet material will has [...]

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The Purpose and Technology of Surface Treatment of Sheet Metal Processing

DO Machining, when making sheet metal parts, it is necessary to do surface treatment for the parts, like powder coated, electroplated, anodized, etc. Because some of the sheet metal materials have no anti-rust, anti-corrosion function, so we should do surface treatment to avoid rust, corrosion effect. In addition, surface treatment can also beautify the [...]

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What Are The Common Processing Objects Of CNC Milling Process ?

CNC milling machine can not only be able to process all kinds of parts which can processed by ordinary milling machine, but also can process more complex surface parts which can not be processed by ordinary milling machine. According to the characteristics of CNC milling machine, suitable for CNC milling machine common processing objects [...]

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What Is Rapid Prototype ? And What’s Its Usage ?

Rapid prototype means that on the premise of no mold opened, according to the product appearance drawings or structural drawings to make one or several functional models to check the appearance or structural rationality. Usually, newly developed or designed products need to do rapid prototype, it is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product. And it is [...]

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Do You Know The Basic Knowledge Of Mechanical Processing?

Do you know some basic knowledge of mechanical processing? Such as common equipment, processing procedures, production types and precautions? Here we’d like to briefly introduce some knowledge, so that you can have a greater understanding of large-scale mechanical processing. 1. Mechanical processing of the common equipment Including cnc milling machine, cnc molding grinder, cnc lathe machine, [...]

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How Many Surface Treatment Methods For Aluminum And Alloy ?

Because aluminum material is easy to process, and has good visual effects and rich surface treatment methods, so it has been widely used in industry and daily life. Here we’d like to briefly describe six surface treatment methods of aluminum and aluminum alloy. 1. Sandblasting: The process of cleaning and roughening the metal surface with the [...]

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Sheet metal processing Notes

Sheet metal processing Notes Metal sheet processing is called sheet metal processing. For example, chimneys, drums, fuel tank oil, ventilation pipes, elbow size head, funnel-shaped, the main process is cutting, buckling, bending, welding, riveting, etc. A certain geometric knowledge is needed. Sheet metal parts can be made through stamping, bending, stretching and other processes, the thickness of [...]

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How To Learn Mechnical Drawing Quickly ? Definitely Worth Collecting

In order to help freshman to learn mechnical drawing quickly, we'd like to share the post for your reference. Definitely Worth Collecting. Mechanical Drawing Foundation   The function and content ofpart drawing The functionof part drawing: Part working drawing is the basis for manufacturing and testing parts, which according to the position [...]

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5 Tips To Help You Cut Manufacturing Costs

When you outsource your custom parts to be manufactured and want to cut costs, these five manufacturing cost cutting techniques are for you. Reduce Small Features Adding small divots, cuts and holes are very difficult to mill, adding costs for time and labor. Eliminate any unnecessary elements to your parts in order to reduce the [...]

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