CNC machining service is the core business of DO Machining, from protptyes to bulk production, our professional 3/4/5 aixs CNC machining centers, CNC turning equipments, CNC turning-milling equipments, CNC grinding machines etc., are operated by well trained manufacturing engineers to meet the demands from global 1000+ customers in 30+ industries.

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Which File Do You Need When Quotation?2020-08-26T01:24:58+00:00

Step, iges, PDF, DXF, etc

When Can I Got Quotation?2020-08-26T01:26:56+00:00

Usually you will receive the quotation in 2 hours.

What’s Your Delivery Time?2020-08-26T01:30:33+00:00

It depends on the quantity, you will know the delivery time when quotation.

What Is Your MOQ ?2020-08-26T01:31:31+00:00

Generally our MOQ is 50-100pcs, but samples are also available before production.

What Types Of CNC Machining Do You Have?2020-08-26T01:34:26+00:00

We have several different types of CNC machining. These include CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC lathes. If you are not sure which method would be best for your parts, just ask our experienced technicians and we will happily assist you.

What Is The Tolerance Of Your CNC Machining?2020-08-26T01:35:39+00:00

We specify a standard dimensional tolerance of +/-0.005″ for CNC machined parts. However, it is possible to achieve a tighter tolerances. If you require a tighter tolerance, please contact us to confirm, as tighter tolerances may increase the cost of your project and have to be clearly defined upon ordering.

What Kind Of Work Holding Do You Offer For CNC Machining?2020-08-26T01:37:11+00:00

DO Machining offers a number of different ways to achieve proper workholding for your CNC machining needs, including vacuum chuck, vices, clamps and custom jigs.

Do You Offer Any Design Services For A Machined Part?2020-08-26T01:38:19+00:00

We do have design capabilities but the customer must approve and assume responsibility for the final design before production.

Which Materials Are You Able To Machining?2020-08-26T01:39:15+00:00