Common Machining Steel Material And Characteristics

//Common Machining Steel Material And Characteristics

Common Machining Steel Material And Characteristics

During processing the workpiece, the choice of metal materials often has a direct impact on the results of processed products. Therefore, it is necessary to understand common metal materials and characteristics. Here we introduce the specific processing of steel materials commonly used in production.

Processing steel materials commonly used are the following:

#45 steel

This type of steel is a high quality carbon structural steel that is more commonly used in processing. #45 steel has good mechanical properties, low hardenability and easy to produce water-crack characteristics. Generally it needs quenched and tempered processing small parts, and normalized for large pieces. #45 steel material mainly used in the manufacturing of high strength moving parts, for example, turbine impeller, compressor piston. Gears, rack and so on. Welding parts need to pay attention to the preheating before welding, after welding should pay attention to stress relief annealing.

Q235 steel

This steel is the most commonly used carbon structural steel. It has high plasticity, high toughness and weldability, but also has the characteristics of cold stamping, and a certain strength, good cold bend. This steel is widely used in the general requirements of the parts and welding structures. For example, less stressed rod, connecting rod, pin, shaft, screws, nuts and so on.


This is one of the most widely used types of steel, it is alloy steel. The main feature of this steel is that after quenched and tempered, it has a good overall mechanical properties, good hardenability, when oil cooling, it can reach high fatigue strength, when water cooling, the parts will appear complex shape cracks. The cold plasticity is moderate, after tempered or quenched and tempered, it has good machinability and poor weldability.

HT150 grey cast iron

This material is mainly used with the gear box, machine tool bed, hydraulic cylinder, pump body, flywheel, cylinder head, pulley and other places.

#35 steel

This material is suitable for processing a variety of standard parts, fasteners. #35 steel strength is appropriate, with good ductility, high cold plasticity, weldability is acceptable. Hardenability is low, normalized or tempered before use.

Note: Above information is just for reference only.

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