In the CNC machining industry, everyone knows that CNC different cnc machining manufacturers will have a certain price difference for the same product, why is this so? Let the CNC machining manufacturer DO MACHINING talk about how to calculate the processing cost of CNC machining:

The CNC machining cost is estimated based on experience to complete a CNC product in about hours. This is calculated by hour. The price of working hours is based on the general local reference. It is the approximate machining cost. It is difficult to have fine CNC machining cost calculation standard, therefore, the quotation will be different in different manufacturers.

CNC machining cost is calculated according to its own equipment. Some CNC manufacturers have highly skilled employees and CNC machining equipment. They can make CNC programs accurately, so there is a reference for machining completion time, and the tool arrangement is absolutely reasonable. They can work out more exact machining cost from actual CNC programs.

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