In today’s manufacturing industry, quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and supplier quality assurance is often the most intuitive form of final product quality. However, the reality that some companies now face is that good suppliers are usually not loyal enough, and loyal suppliers are usually not good enough, so constantly developing suppliers and constantly changing suppliers has become a helpless choice for these companies.

The result is: quality, price and delivery often fluctuate, sometimes are good, sometimes are bad.

Why is this so?

I think that one of the root causes may be that these companies always want to directly find excellent and loyal suppliers for their own use, without realizing that when the attractiveness of the company is not strong enough, cultivation excellent and loyal suppliers is more important than searching.

So, how to cultivate excellent and loyal suppliers?

It is necessary to correctly understand the basic role of suppliers in the process of product realization, establish the thinking of relying on suppliers and service providers, treat suppliers well, and give suppliers confidence.

1. Supplier is the foundation of product realization

The quality, price and delivery time of parts and components largely determine the quality, cost and production cycle of products.

Therefore, suppliers are the basis for the realization of products. We should treat suppliers as our own branch factories. Trust and rely on them, and try best to cultivate suppliers into fixed production base of parts.

2. Treat suppliers equally

In a buyer’s market environment, buyers are usually in a strong position, while suppliers are usually in a relatively disadvantaged position. Therefore, some companies often use their strong position to directly or indirectly force suppliers to accept some unequal conditions.

As a result, it is naturally the fluctuations in product quality, delivery time and service quality. Therefore, if want suppliers are loyal, we must treat suppliers equally.

3. Proactively safeguard the interests of suppliers

The purpose of the supplier’s cooperation with us is to make a profit. In order for suppliers to be loyal and continue to provide us with satisfactory products and services, we must proactively safeguard the interests of suppliers and give them reasonable profit margins.

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