Small Quantity CNC precision machining parts

Small Quantity CNC Precision Machining Parts

Manufacturing TechnologyCNC MillingCNC Machining.
Industry: Electronics.
Material: Aluminium 6061 T6.
Surface Finish: Silver Anodize.

* Please kindly note we do custom parts manufacturing only, all the products shown in the pictures are for quality reference only but not for sell. If you have any part needing custom manufacturing, please just let us know. Thank you! *

Product Details

This is a custom made aluminum CNC machined cover for electronics.

Material: aluminum 6061- T6,

Surface finish: Silver anodize with 15um thickness,

Process: CNC milling

CNC milling processing is one kind of our most experienced machining processing. It can process the parts with very complex shape and difficult to control size. It even can process the part with complex curves and three- dimension curved surface parts. And it also can reach high precision requirement.

Our CNC milling process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts as your required. We use 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis milling processes to manufacture parts from more than 20 different materials from woods, plastics to metals.

100% Quality Assurance program taken by best-in-class inspection equipment, rigorous QC team and meticulous QC process. Material analysis report and component quality testing report as per customer’s specific requirements.

That’s why we can meet the demands from global 1000+ customers in 30+ industries. The custom CNC machined parts we made are mainly involved in IoT solutions, Telecommunication, Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Automation, Military and other industries.

Contact us to see how we can provide overall value to your CNC machining needs. Or send your RFQs to directly, PDF drawings, step, iges, dxf and dwg files are all available for us.