4 Preventive Measures For Safety Accidents In Machining Production

//4 Preventive Measures For Safety Accidents In Machining Production

4 Preventive Measures For Safety Accidents In Machining Production

It is easy to have safety accident in the process of machining due to some improper operation or equipment failure. Therefore, safety is very important in the production process. Most small and medium-sized mechanical processing plants often have some safety accidents and mechanical injuries due to non-standard safety management systems, inadequate safety operation procedures, incomplete investigation and management of hidden dangers, and inadequate safety education and training.


Mechanical damage is mainly caused by various types of damage to the human body caused by parts on mechanical equipment. Among them, collision, shearing, pinching, etc. are more common, especially attention needs to be paid.

Common types of mechanical damage

1. Streaking: During the high-speed operation of the equipment, exposed equipment and parts, such as gears and lead screws, will twist the exposed clothes of the operator into the machine and cause personal injury.

2. Strike: Due to equipment failure, parts of the equipment and parts with weak cards fly out to hit the human body.

3. Crush: punch, press, shearer, forging hammer due to improper operation to bring damage to the human body.

4. Bruises: equipment parts with a certain height due to the failure of falling parts or lifting objects to the human body caused damage.

5. Burns: high temperature equipment due to improper operation for the human body damage.

6. Stab wound: mechanical equipment in the process of high-speed operation, sharp parts of the tip of the object caused damage to the human body.

Preventive measures for mechanical injury accidents

1. A person is responsible for implementing supervision. The maintenance machinery strictly enforces the system of hanging warning signs and special guardianship. After the equipment has stopped running, it must be confirmed that its inertia has been completely eliminated before takingthe next step. After the equipment is inspected regularly, the site needs to be inspected before the test run. When the operator is confirmed to have all evacuated, the card can be closed.

2. Install an emergency brake device for the device. For equipment that is in direct contact with the human body, a good emergency brake is required. The brakes are to be placed within a range that ensures operator operation. The transmission parts of mechanical equipment must also have reliable protection devices, such as cover plates, guardrails and warning signs, etc.

3. Arrange the equipment switch reasonably. When performing the device switch layout, should followas below: First, it is convenient for the operator to stop the emergency, and second, to avoid accidentally starting other equipment.

4. Cleaning machinery must comply with the warning sign system. When cleaning the machine, stacking materials, and cleaning the belt, the warning system for the shutdown and power-off warning shall be observed.

Note: Above information is just for reference only.

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