We often hear customers ask: Are you a manufacturer? Do you have your own factory? Do you machining it by yourself or others? In fact, customers are nothing more than worrying about whether you are the CNC machining Parts source manufacturer. This is the same demand for companies that need outsourced machining parts.

What is CNC machining parts source manufacturer ?

It means a CNC machining manufacturer that offers one-stop service, from ordering material, to cutting, roughing, semi-finishing, finishing, post-processing to packaging, all processes are in one CNC machining factory to complete. There’s no middlemen, subcontract, etc.

Now the question is: Why customers want to cooperate with CNC machining parts source manufacturer ? Or what’s the advantages of CNC machining parts source manufacturer ?

I think below are some of the advantages of CNC machining parts source manufacturer.

1.  No intermediary earns the difference, which can save the cost of outsourcing.

2. CNC machining parts source manufacturerhas rich machining experience, high machining accuracy, good product quality, and high shipment qualification rate.

3. Customerscan come to the factory for guidance at any time, and they can know the progress of parts machining at any time.

4. Many CNC machining parts source manufacturer has One-stop service, such as various surface treatment of products, and some products that need to be assembledbefore shipping, Making a whole product in one factory, this can saving customer’s other sourcing time and cost.

5. CNC machining parts source manufacturer can makeproduct drawings and provide constructive suggestions for customers.

6. If the parts have quality problem, they can be repaired or reworked in factory immediately, which will help to customers’saving time and cost.

CNC machining service is the core business of DO Machining, from protptyes to bulk production, our professional 3/4/5 aixs CNC machining centers, CNC turning equipments, CNC turning-milling equipments, CNC grinding machines etc., are operated by well trained manufacturing engineers to meet the demands from global 1000+ customers in 30+ industries.

CNC Machining can be done starting with blanks produced from standard bar stock or one of DO Machining other manufacturing processes.

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