There are many types of factory technicians. When it comes to getting high-paid technicians in the factory, it is necessary to count the CNC technicians in the factory. A CNC machine costs millions of dollars, up to tens of millions. Therefore, high-paid CNC technicians, first of all, their skills are high: not only must understand programming, but also often make molds, make samples, and set up procedures for mass production.

But despite the high salary, many CNC technicians resign every year. Why?

1.  Those who have been CNC technicians should understand that every good CNC machine is worth millions or even tens of millions. Therefore, in order to maximize the value of the machine, the boss usually arranges night shifts to ensure that the machine can work 24 hours. Staying up late for a long time is unbearable for ordinary people, not to mention the technicians who use their brains every day? Some people resigned because they couldn’t stand the night shift.

2. CNC machines are controlled by programmed data. Everyone who has worked in the hardware factory knows that technicians need to debug the machines before production, and make the template first. It usually takes several hours to make a template. In these hours, not only repeated calculations to debug the data, but also a high concentration of the brain, which is also very mentally wasting. People who don’t have patience usually don’t hold out for long.

3. In the hardware factory, if the quantity is large, it can be done for a few days, and if the quantity is small, it can only be done for half a day, and a technician needs to make another template. After a template is completed, it usually means that a batch of goods must be driven out. If the template is wrong, this batch of goods will basically be scrapped.If something goes wrong seriously, you will usually get your salary deducted or fired.

4. As CNC technicians, there are usually several levels. Intern technicians, junior technicians, intermediate and senior technicians, and senior technicians are generally equivalent to workshop managers. It can be seen from the promotion of ranks that the competition between technicians is also very large. Those who cannot adapt to this competition are soon forced to resign.

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