For small mechanical machining factories, I think the main problem that troubles them is how to find customers quickly and receive orders. As a small and medium mechanical machining factory, DO Machining would like to share something method we take. Hope these methods should help small mechanical machining factories receive orders quickly.

1. Participate in industry exhibitions.

There are a large number of potential customers and suppliers in the exhibition. Prepare your own business cards and company promotional materials. If you are new to the machining industry, it is best to go with an engineer. People who know technology and have rich work experience can leave a professional impression to customers in a short time, which is convenient for follow-up.

2. Survey peer customers.

There will be many peers in any industry, survey peers customers, and prepare company promotional materials to visit and seek cooperation opportunities. This method needs to pay attention to the scale, can not steal customers from acquaintances for friends, this will affect your reputation in the industry.

3. Recommendation by friends

Whether peers or friends, make a good relationship with them, and ask them to introduce more customers, and you can give them commission from the profit of the order. Recommendation by friends has the advantage of building trust quickly. This saves you the cost of developing new customers.

4. Online B2B platform.

Now that the Internet is very developed, many companies will open B2B platforms. The advantage is that customers can send inquiries on their own initiative. The disadvantage is that the peer competition is too fierce, and can only wait for inquiries passively, and cannot actively find customers.

5. Create aseparate company website.

In addition to opening an online B2B platform, you can also create a separate company website. You can find professional company to help you create a company website, or create website yourself if you have ability. Of course, create a company website is only the first step. After the website is set up, it needs to be operated. Such as marketing on the SNS social platform, opening paid advertising on Google.

6. Maintain the current customers.

You know, the cost of maintaining a regular customer is only 10% -50% of the cost of developing a new customer. Regular customers can also refer you to other customers. So, value your old customers.

Now the social competition is too fierce, and many small factories cannot receive orders. But what I want to say is that in modern society, simple work, no core technology, and unmotivated companies will eventually be eliminated.

Therefore, strengthen your own advantages and control product quality. This is the core of a business. To be honest, if the quality is good and the price is moderate, it is still easy to develop customers, and the developed customers are generally stable.

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