The product quality come out by production, not inspection. Only in the production process can be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and operation instructions to ensure the quality of the product.

However, this topic has always been the focus of debate in the corporate world: producers say that quality come out by inspection, inferior products flow into the market is not inspectors; the inspector said that quality come out by production. Today, many companies, once there are quality problems, push the responsibility to the quality department, they think this is the responsibility of the quality department, because many companies have such a wrong view:

Wrong view:

  1. Allowing a few bad, accidental flaws is inevitable;
  2. Quality is the responsibility of the quality control department;
  3. Only pay attention to the inspection of the product, and the inspector is responsible for solving the defective product;
  4. If something goes wrong, it’s quality control department business.

I think many quality control employees have experienced this feeling more or less. Often when writing a report, it is done by the quality department, and other departments basically do not care; Besides, the boss feels that research and development is more important than quality, and making money is the most important. Therefore, the quality department does not have any status in the company.

Then, the Product Quality Come Out By Production Or Inspection?

First we need to analyze the relationship between active and passive. As we all know, the products manufactured before inspection. In other words, only the products come out, then product can be inspected. If there is no product, there is no way to inspect it.

Obviously: production is active and inspection is passive. Only in every part of the production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and work instructions, can we guarantee the quality of the products. If the process control is neglected, it is impossible to guarantee the quality of the product by inspection alone. Because the quality inspection can only eliminate the defective products and waste products, it cannot improve the product quality. That is to say, the focus of quality control must not be placed after the fact, but must be placed in the manufacturing stage, that is, the production process stage.

Why do quality problems occur?

The problems before product development are not handled well, and the first pass yield of production is too low. It is hoped that the quality department will increase the frequency of testing and reduce defective or non-conforming products;

Adding reworked materials and unqualified materials, but without prior testing and verification, there is no accurate awareness of product quality fluctuations;

The customer urges the goods to be delivered, and the leaders deal with them according to their own so-called actual experience. For products that are not in the standard range, special release is implemented, which leads to product problems;

The industry has improved the quality standards of the products, and the company still produces according to the original standards;

Non-human quality problems occur in the production process, but they are not in the detection frequency range, etc…

Quality control is required at every stage of the quality management system. These controls are obviously not fully borne by the quality inspection department or the quality management department. These controls must be implemented by the best positions. For example, some products find quality problems easily in the production process, but they are difficult to find in the inspection. At this time, the production operators are obviously more aware of the quality problems than the quality inspectors. If the operators do not actively control the quality, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product simply by relying on the quality inspectors.

How to control product quality in all aspects ?

The product is basically positioned at the design stage, and then the quality is guaranteed by purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation. By controlling these links, the quality is naturally controlled. Therefore, product quality is achieved in the design and production process, and quality is achieved through process management. How to control product quality:

Build up quality awareness

It is necessary for all employees to realize that the quality of the products is not good, the products will have no market, the products have no market, and the enterprises will lose their sources of profit. After a long time, the enterprises will go bankrupt, and the employees will be unemployed.


Everything is customer-centric, seeing itself as a customer, seeing itself as the operator of the next process, and seeing itself as a consumer of the product. In this way, work will be done consciously, everyone will do their work well, and the quality of the products will be guaranteed.

Build up a sense of prevention of quality

Even if a large amount of inspection manpower is put into production to control, the cost of products will be greatly increased due to a large number of defective products or even waste products that are not controlled from the source. Moreover, the quality problems of some products may not be found and compensated from the subsequent processes, which requires us to do things in the first time to prevent quality problems.

Build up a quality procedural awareness

Quality management runs through the whole process and the whole company. All quality management personnel and operators are required to strictly follow the procedures. If you do not follow the procedures, the chances of error will increase, and the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed.

Build up a sense of responsibility for quality

80% of quality problems are out of management, and only 20% of problems originate from employees. That is to say, managers have controllable defects of about 80%, and operators have controllable defects of less than 20%. While the manager is improving the management level, the operator must also understand the following four points:

  1. The operator knows what to do and why to do so;
  2. The operator knows whether the products he produces meet the requirements of the specification;
  3. The operator knows what will happen if the product he produces does not meet the specifications;
  4. The operator has the ability to properly handle abnormal situations.

It is the responsibility of the manager if any of the above four points cannot be met or if the material conditions such as equipment, tooling, testing and materials are not available in production. Only by understanding the responsibility of quality issues can we improve the quality.

Build up cost awareness

Guarantee quality, the pursuit of profit is the company’s eternal goal. To develop, enterprises have to pay attention to the cost of production. However, cost is closely related to quality. If quality is done well, the cost of the product can be minimized. If the quality of the product is not good, it is often subject to customer return complaints, then his cost will be Will stay high, and even push the enterprises to a desperate situation.

The reason for the decline of many enterprise: not because there is no source of customers, no orders, but because the internal management of the enterprise is not good, the cost can not be reduced and can not participate in market competition.

But the quality is not the stricter and more favorable to the enterprise. Conversely, excessively improving product quality will result in excess quality and also increase production costs. Therefore, when we are in production, we require all processes and links to be strictly in accordance with customer standards, so that we will minimize costs and increase market competitive advantage.

Build up a quality education awareness

With the development of the times, the concept of quality management is constantly updated and needs to be learned. Successful companies in the 21st century will belong to those who learn to grow, strengthen internal training, and improve their ability to innovate in their work. This will make the company thriving and changing with each passing day.

The details determine success or failure, attitude determines everything, only establish a super-strong quality awareness, strive for excellence in quality, in order to improve the quality, in order to raise the quality to a new height, in order to go higher and further.