1. Surface quality problems of mechanicalproducts

The quality of mechanical products is not only directly related to its performance, but also affects its service life. Generally speaking, the quality of mechanical products depends on two parts. The first is the quality of the processed parts. Some materials have their own flaw, such as easy to break and easy to deform; secondly, the surface quality problems caused by processing, for example, there will be some deviation of equipment cutting and excessive stress during machining.

2. Precision problems of mechanical products

Another key indicator affecting the quality of mechanical products is the machining accuracy of the machine. However, the precision of mechanical products involves many parts, such as errors caused by machining (processing methods and improper use of processing equipment), errors caused by process system changes, errors caused by machine tool principles, etc. These accuracy problems will directly lead to product quality decline.

3. Market competitiveness of mechanical products

Nowadays, mechanical processing enterprises have been involved in the tide of competition, so whether the products processed by them are competitive will directly affect the future of the whole enterprise. A key point in determining whether a product is competitive is the quality of the product and its price. The quality problem mentioned above, in addition to the price issue, should not only be determined before the product goes on the market, but should also focus on the entire design process, from the details to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs, so that you can use the cost-effective to expand the competitiveness of this product.

The above problems not only penetrate the entire mechanical design process, but also directly affect the quality of the product. In order to solve the above problems, we must not only vigorously develop science and technology, but also focus on various problems in design and processing.