Many factories often have this phenomenon: almost everyone in the factory is very busy, but in the end the overall efficiency is low, and it is difficult to find out the reason, do not know how to improve. This article analyzes the reasons from below aspects.

1. The process needs to be improved

First of all, we should check whether the process of the enterprise is reasonable, whether it is concise and efficient, whether there is room for improvement, and how likely it is to improve.

2. Weak institutional support

After checking the process, check the system again. If there are no problems with the process, then check whether the management system is conducive to the implementation of the process, whether the system really supports the process, and whether the system is sound and perfect. There may be a good process system, but the service management system and business management system do not support the process system, or whether the system is formulated with full respect for human feelings, or the system is too strict, or the system is too loose, and the binding force is not enough.

3. Inadequate supervision

Although the enterprise has a good process and a good comprehensive management system, but no one is supervising, or the supervision is not in place, or the supervision is offside, or the supervision method is backward, or the quality of the supervision personnel is problematic, which will greatly reduce the entire organization operational efficiency of the system. Processes and systems are solidified, and supervision is flexible. Supervision must act in accordance with principles. If the supervisor fails to act in accordance with principles, it will greatly reduce people’s loyalty to processes and systems.

4. The management ability of the company executive is limited

Although everyone is very busy, due to the limited ability of senior management personnel, they will not be able to tactically command and coordinate, and they will not be able to recognize and employ people well, and cannot effectively make full use of limited resources. Therefore, failure is definitely inevitable.

5. The professional quality of employees is not high

Professional awareness is the most important. What is professional awareness? It means that people in professional positions should know what to do and how to do it.

A good employee’s work efficiency may be twice, three times, or even more than 10 times that of ordinary employees. For the same job, excellent employees may be completed within a day, while ordinary employees work very hard, only completed a week later, and the quality of work can not be compared with good quality employees.

Of course, under the control of long-term average thinking, the treatment of employees is almost the same. Naturally, those excellent employees will gradually be lost, and the ordinary employees will be precipitated. The overall work efficiency of the enterprise is low.

6. Theorientationof “busy” culture

The orientation of corporate culture will also affect the overall efficiency of the enterprise. If a company advocates a busy corporate culture, then the businesses will be busy for the sake of being busy, which is particularly evident in some growing companies. Don’t focus only on formal busyness and overtime, it should pay attention to efficiency, and refine everyone’s work schedule, and ask them to complete the specified tasks at the specified time.

7. There is a problem with the company’s strategic positioning and direction

If the strategic direction is wrong, no matter how busy the employees are, they are all negative benefits and negative efficiencies; if the strategic direction is uncertain, although the employees are busy, they will do repeated and unnecessary work.

8. Mismatched technical means

Everyone is busy and tired, but the overall low efficiency may be due to technical problems.

Generally speaking, advanced production equipment is naturally highly efficient. Especially in the manufacturing industry, advanced equipment not only has high efficiency but also guarantees the quality of work; more importantly, when the equipment is too backward, it will affect employee’s emotions, which in turn will affect employee’s enthusiasm for work.

Of course, when the technical means are too advanced, it will also limit the internal work efficiency of the enterprise. This is because the enterprise environment does not support the operation of the equipment, which affects the normal working energy of the equipment and reduces the work efficiency.

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