Orders are getting smaller, profits are getting lower, workers are getting harder to hire, and now machining companies are getting harder and harder to run, many machining companies are complaining about the same problems.

1. Orders are getting smaller and smaller

In the past, many mechanical machining factories received orders are often tens of thousands of pieces, even hundreds of thousands of pieces, but now there are few such customers, even if there are tens of thousands of pieces, it is rarely a type of product, but a number of products together, so now the requirements of the factory is high.

Many factory owners and managers are often struggle with this, a lot of types of parts constantly need to deal with, the requirements for material procurement are also high. In the past, one kind of material can be purchased a lot, and the price is also negotiable. Nowadays, it is often seen that the minimum order quantity cannot be reached, and have to find it on the market by self, and the requirements for the warehouse management ability of the mechanical machining company are even higher.

2. Profit is getting lower

Those who opened the mechanical machining company know that the profit of the previous product is very high, and now only the very high precision and difficult machining parts profit is high. The other products basically have no profit, plus a lot of drag on the payment, should it is said that the current many mechanical machining companies are basically taking a lot of risks.

Of course, the reason why many owners still insist on this is that they have feelings for workers and want to provide them with a job. In addition, these owners also love this industry and do not want to change industries.

3. Workers are getting harder to hire

Today’s workers are basically mainly people over the age of 30. They are the backbone of the family. They need to support their families. Therefore, these people’s wage requirements are generally high, but it is too high to afford for many mechanical machining company.

For those young people who have no family burden, most of them do not want to stay in the factory.

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