In product design, the design and processing of the shell is very important. The shell not only protects the internal parts of the product, but also affects the touch and texture of the product, and plays an important role in enhancing the external image of the product. However, in the process of product shell design and processing, various problems will be encountered. Once these problems are not handled properly, they will have an adverse effect on the product shell. Here let’s discuss what factors need to be considered in product shell design?

Shape, material, manufacturing process are important factors that affect the design and processing of the product shell. The shape of the product shell should conform to ergonomics and meet the requirements of product internal structure design.

On the basis of ensuring the realization of product functions, make the shell in novel, concise and beautiful, and achieves the ideal visual effect. At the same time, the shape of the product shell should not be too complicated, and the manufacturing difficulty should be reduced as much as possible to facilitate production.

The material selection of the product shell is very particular, and the appropriate material should be selected according to the actual needs of the product. The selection of materials should be based on the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials as basic design criteria, these properties will affect the choice of manufacturing process.

Because there are mutual influences in load bearing, formability, machinability, connection, heat treatment and surface treatment. The design should specify as many material options as possible to broaden the variety of potential manufacturing processes, and designating only one material will limit its compatibility with the manufacturing process.

Similarly, the processing technology of the product shell should be selected according to the selected material. However, it is rare that only one material or manufacturing process can meet the requirements of product design goals. In most cases, any of a variety of materials and processes can produce products that meet the requirements. Determining alternative materials and processes due to “bottlenecks” caused by insufficient processes will greatly improve the manufacturability of products.

In the process of product shell design and processing, the cost budget of the product is a problem that has to be considered. If the cost is too high, it will bring tremendous pressure to the enterprise, and it may also have a negative impact on the market competitiveness of the product and adversely promote product sales.

Therefore, the design and processing of the product shell should strictly control the cost, choose the appropriate plan within the budget, and cannot excessively pursue the appearance image and ignore the cost.

Of course, there are still many other factors should be considered when design product shell. Different products have different design and processing of their shells. This requires designers to consider all factors in accordance with the actual situation, adopt appropriate design solutions, solve various problems in the design, and ensure the efficiency and quality of product shell design and production.

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